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Whether a loved one is battling leukemia, a friend is undergoing surgery or a disaster strikes, we often hear the call to "give blood." But if you've never donated before, what do you need to know, and what can you expect? BloodSource needs regular donations from donors of all blood types, and because there is no artificial substitute, blood is always needed.

You can become a donor as early as 16 and 17 years old with a signed parent consent form (available in English or Spanish) and can continue donating throughout your life.

BloodSource asks donors to “give what is needed today” because the amount and mix of various blood components needed to help patients on the road to recovery change daily.

Ways to donate

There are two ways you can donate blood – giving whole blood (most common) and giving red blood cells, platelets and plasma through automated donation. Most donors begin with giving whole blood and if they are eligible, they may be able to choose automated donation. Eligibility and frequency for different donation types – red cells, platelets and plasma – varies by age and gender.  No matter which donation type you choose, every time you sit in the donation chair, you help save lives!

Want to know more about your eligibility?  It’s not possible to include the comprehensive list. (It’s a book! Seriously… a very large book!)  We’ve provided basic information. Please note while the following information may be helpful, final determination of eligibility is made by a BloodSource donor evaluator when donors present to donate.

If you have questions about your eligibility to be a blood donor, please contact us! We’re here to help you find your best lifesaving opportunity.

Am I eligible?


   Passport Program | All aboard, platelet and source plasma donors!


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Schedule an appointment to give blood at one of our convenient BloodSource Donor Centers located throughout Northern and Central California.

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There are many opportunities to donate blood and help patients in need. Learn about the different donation opportunities including whole blood, platelets and plasma.

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