Source Plasma

A new way to save lives

BloodSource is now Vitalant. As a valued member of the Vitalant family, we are proud to lead the way by opening the first, voluntary source plasma donation center in the United States.

Unlike plasma donations for direct transfusions into patients that will take place in the near future, source plasma donations are specifically collected to develop lifesaving medicines and therapies for patients with neurological disorders, immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders and more. It can take hundreds or thousands of plasma donations to create essential, lifesaving medicines offering hope and cures for more than 80 diseases. The therapeutic uses for plasma-based medicines continue to grow and it’s exciting to see more patients being helped. However, a worldwide plasma shortage impacts availability for patients who depend on these medicines to live long, healthy, productive lives.

Together, we can help meet the global plasma shortage and ensure that these lifesaving and life enhancing therapies are always available to patients around the world.

One source. Impacting the world

There is only one source for blood plasma and that is from a person like you. Vitalant and Vitalant donors are ready to help in an endeavor that will impact global patient needs.

Today, 65% of the world’s plasma is collected in the United States. By opening a local source plasma donor center, Vitalant, along with our donors will contribute to meeting global plasma need and ensure a steady supply to develop and distribute these lifesaving and life-enhancing therapies to patients around the world.

Join us as together, we do save lives.

Source Plasma Donation has specific eligibility requirements that may allow some who have been ineligible to donate (e.g., malarial travel deferrals) to donate. While general eligibility criteria are similar to other types of blood donation, please call our source plasma information line at 866.822.5663 if you have additional questions.

Source Plasma Requirments