Host a Blood Drive

Blood Drive Types & Setup

To accommodate a variety of organization sizes and logistics, we offer two types of blood drives: Inside Setup and Bloodmobile. The best fit for your organization will be based on a location evaluation and projected donor participation.

Inside Setup Drive

When selecting a location for your indoor blood drive, consider the following:

  • Conveniently located, comfortable for donors and ample parking.
  • Easy access for staff and equipment delivery (ground floor/close elevator access).
  • Well-lit, spacious and seasonally climate-controlled.
  • Configured with multiple electrical outlets.
  • Provide tables and chairs (to accommodate attendance).
  • BloodSource sprinter vans need a 10-foot clearance for parking and cannot park in handicap or red-zones.

Bloodmobile Drive

If your location isn’t conducive for an inside setup drive, a Bloodmobile drive is a great option, provided the following requirements can be met:

  • The Bloodmobile requires approximately 8–10 level, paved parking spaces for proper clearance (must be open spaces — with no low hanging trees, no gravel, grass or reserved parking, red-zone or designated handicapped spaces).
  • If parking on the street, the Bloodmobile MUST be parked on the right hand side for donor safety when entering and exiting.
  • Nearby restroom facilities are required.

Note: The Bloodmobiles are self-contained so there’s no need to provide electrical hookups or water.

While not all locations are suitable for an onsite blood drive, another way your donors can give is through our Be The Match Marrow Registry.

Every year, thousands of adults and children need marrow or blood stem cell transplants — a procedure which may be their only chance for survival. Although some patients have a genetically matched family member who can donate, about 70% do not. Their lives depend on finding an individual with compatible tissue type, often within their own race or ethnic group who is willing to donate marrow or stem cells. Encourage your donors to consider signing up for Be The Match® and donate blood — two ways they can be a hero! To join the registry, donors need to be between 18–44, be well/healthy and willing to donate to anyone in need of a marrow/stem cell transplant.

For more information on coordinating a bone marrow drive – please contact: