About Iron

Healthy Bloody Donors

Blood donor health and safety are important! That is why a BloodSource professional will carefully assess your health before you donate. This assessment includes a hemoglobin test that we perform on a small blood sample obtained by a finger-stick. Hemoglobin is an iron-containing protein, contained in our red blood cells, that carries oxygen throughout our bodies.


It’s important that you understand how the blood donation process affects you, including how it affects your iron and hemoglobin levels. Each blood donation will remove some iron from your body. The impact of this iron loss varies from one donor to the next – sometimes in unpredictable ways. People who donate blood more frequently tend to have more significant iron loss and risk for developing lowered hemoglobin levels than people who donate less often.

You can learn more about the importance of hemoglobin and iron on the Donor Education Sheet you receive when donating. Other helpful information can be found on the Iron Connection card. Donors can track their hemoglobin levels on their personal MyBloodSource Wellness page.

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