Passport Program | 2018

BloodSource Passport Program 2018

Embrace the adventure, platelet and source plasma donors! The lifesaving journey continues through the Passport Program 2018. Book a seat for platelet or source plasma donation from January through December 31, 2018, and be the source of hope for patients in need.

Platelet Donors

Platelets, which help stop bleeding, only have a 5-day ‘layover’ – so in order to meet this critical patient need, we need regular ‘travelers’ to join us.

How it works: Give up to 24 times during 2018 and receive up to 18,000 MyBloodSource Rewards. There are special bonus milestones along the way and at gold, silver and platinum level ‘frequent flyer’ designations, exclusive MyBloodSource items are unlocked for you!

Source Plasma

Source Plasma is used for lifesaving plasma-based medicines and therapies for patients with neurological disorders, immune disorders, bleeding disorders and more. There is a global shortage, so hop aboard this lifesaving international flight!

How it works: Give up to 24 times and receive up to 14,000 MyBloodSource Rewards. There are special bonus milestones and exclusive MyBloodSource items are unlocked along the way to thank you for giving the gift of hope around the globe!

With both programs, you can redeem your Rewards for any of the great ‘souvenirs’ in the MyBloodSource Store.

Ask to join the Passport Program and get your punch card at your next donation or call us at 866.822.5663

Frequently Asked Questions


No matter your ability to give, your ‘travel plans’ to donate are appreciated. Please note that many factors may affect your ability to donate. For this reason, not every donor may be able to achieve all Reward levels and some donors may participate in both programs based on donor ability and patient need. BloodSource reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program.

Get your punch card at your next donation.