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Over 40 hospitals

BloodSource is the source of blood and blood components to over 40 area hospitals in Northern and Central California. As one of the premier blood centers in the world, BloodSource is also affiliated with domestic and international medical and blood banking organizations.


Other blood banks

Because the generosity of our donors is known across the nation, BloodSource provides blood to other blood banks when called upon.

When weather conditions keep donors away from their local centers; when hospitals offering specialized medicine, like cancer treatment, need large volumes of blood to treat all patients in need; when natural disasters or acts of terrorism result in calls for help, BloodSource is committed to help wherever and whenever needed.

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Worldwide advancement

We are extremely proud of our history of innovation. The new procedures and techniques developed in cooperation with our many physicians, scientists, nurses, specialists, volunteers and donors have proven invaluable in the practice of medicine throughout the world.

We will continue to dedicate the resources needed to remain in the forefront of transfusion medicine and share in the successes of our specialists - and the entire medical community - for their work on life-saving advances.

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Professional training

BloodSource physicians regularly offer professional training and education courses to area physicians, nurses and medical technologists. These courses provide continuing education credits and are typically offered free of charge or for a nominal fee.

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Public information

BloodSource is an important information source for the media, public and government. We welcome our role as an information provider whenever there is a situation that impacts the safety or adequacy of our blood supply.

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Emergency response

Natural disasters, disease, accidents, acts of terrorism or military conflict often require instant mobilization to provide the necessary blood. BloodSource is one of the leading centers called upon to assist with emergencies, whether local or in other parts of the nation.

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Specialized testing

BloodSource is consistently one of the first to develop or adopt new testing methodologies.

The BloodSource HLA laboratory is one of the most highly acclaimed in the world. HLA typing is essential for organ and marrow/blood stem cell transplants. More and more people are alive today because of advances in complex tissue typing.

The BloodSource Reference Laboratory is one of only about 50 accredited in the U.S. to handle complex blood compatibility testing.

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Medical consultation

In addition to serving on hospital transfusion committees, BloodSource physicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer transfusion-related consultation services to other medical professionals and/or oversee therapeutic component donation procedures. The BloodSource team of physicians offers strong clinical expertise to the medical community.

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Military support

In the past, BloodSource has been called upon to provide blood to American troops engaged in military conflict. In the event we are called upon in the future, the fulfillment of our obligation is not a statement of politics or support of war. Rather, it is a statement of compassionate giving from our donors to all men and women who need blood – wherever and whenever the need.

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Corporate partnership

BloodSource is extremely grateful to the many local corporations that provide time, talent and financial resources – so that together, we can benefit our community through blood drives, special events and underwriting of vital equipment.

Please contact Katherine Elorduy at 916.453.3672 if you are interested in discussing opportunities for corporate partnership with BloodSource.

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Doing what’s right

Since 1948, BloodSource has been committed to doing what’s right. This simple philosophy helped BloodSource to grow from a single blood bank beneath a water tower in Sacramento to one of the premier organizations of its kind in the world. Over the years, thousands of donors and volunteers have given their time, talent and life-giving blood. Through it all, our community-based, not-for-profit, regional blood center has never lost sight of its essential mission: to provide blood and services to those in need.

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We have an established history of innovation in blood transfusion therapies and scientific advancements. We are most satisfied when these advances are put into practice for the ultimate goal – to help those in need to survive and thrive after a life-altering medical condition or emergency. A few examples include our globally-acclaimed work in Human Leukocyte Antigen Typing (HLA), our Reference Laboratory for complex compatibility testing, and our contributions to the foundation of the National Marrow Donor Program.

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