Mission, history, vision

Our Mission

BloodSource is committed to growing with our communities and to consistently provide a readily available, safe blood supply. We do this by doing what’s right: Meeting the needs of patients, physicians, hospitals and donors.

Blood donations provide life-saving treatments to accident victims, surgery patients, cancer patients and many others in need. Thanks to the generosity of donors throughout Northern and Central California, we are the source of nearly every drop of blood used in over 40 hospitals in the region. BloodSource donors from Merced to the Oregon border, from Solano County east to Lake Tahoe, are a lifesaving source close to home and across the nation to help other blood centers unable to go it alone.

At BloodSource, we remain steadfast in our commitment to collect, test, process and deliver the safest blood and blood components – wherever the need, whenever the need.

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A history of doing what’s right

Vintage Bloodmobile

Since 1948, BloodSource has been committed to doing what’s right. Operating under our original name, Sacramento Medical Foundation, we grew from a single blood bank beneath a water tower in Sacramento to one of the premier blood centers and blood research organizations in the world. This would not have been possible without the thousands of donors and volunteers who give their time, talent, and life-giving blood.

In the spring of 2002, we changed our name to better reflect our work and to bring all operations under one name. Our new name, “BloodSource,” reflects what we’ve really been all along: the source of blood and transfusion medicine support to hospitals in the area; the source of advancement in blood services technology; and the source of help where needed beyond our state and national borders.

Our growth, and subsequent name change, is the natural evolution of always doing what's right for the community. In 2002, we set our long-range vision to grow our organization to meet not only the needs of patients within our service area in Northern and Central California, but across the nation. Not only have we been called upon to provide this expanded service, we believe it is the right thing to do.

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Vision and values

BloodSource promotes a value system that ensures quality and integrity in all endeavors. Outstanding customer service; response to crises big and small: a safe and respectful environment for staff and guests; a commitment to research; education and training; and providing opportunities for community volunteerism are the values that allow us to meet the demand for a safe and adequate blood supply. Our vision is to be the model blood services provider as we strive to improve patient health with precious resources of blood.

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