Host a Blood Drive

Our Promises to Each Other

Your BloodSource Account Manager is behind you 100% with resources, support, guidance and encouragement. In return, we ask that you bring your contacts, time, talent and enthusiasm to ensure rewarding results for everyone!

What We’ll Do

  • Provide materials to promote your drive.
  • Respond quickly to your questions.
  • Provide ongoing support and offer suggestions to help recruit donors.
  • Arrive on time and ready to host a successful blood drive!

Your Plan for Success

  • Secure a suitable and accessible donation site that meets requirements.
  • Communicate regularly with your BloodSource Account Manager about drive details.
  • Sign up donors based on the target goal of your drive (number of donations).
  • Learn about blood donation and how to educate/inspire your donors to give.
  • Be available the day of the drive — if you can, donate by example!
  • Share gratitude with ‘thank you’ messages to donors afterwards.

How to get started

  • Contact us to submit your request
  • Once you have connected with us, a BloodSource Account Manager will work with you to determine the best option for your company, organization or group to donate lifesaving blood products.