Lives Touched

Giving blood is one of the most generous acts of kindness that one human being can do for another. Every day, the outpouring of gratitude expressed by blood recipients gives testimony to this fact. Stories like these remind us that from the very young to the very old, lives are touched by every pint of blood transfused. When you give blood, yes, you do save lives.

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  • Brennah Payne

    Brennah Payne now runs high school track and cross country; she has even qualified for state championships. This is hard to believe because Brennah had to learn to walk again after a horrific car accident when she was seven years old. Blood donations were an important part of her return to health.

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  • Alyssa Whittier

    Alyssa Whittier knew Everett was going to be a very large baby at birth but little did she know that she would need six pints of blood to address childbirth complications! Alyssa thanks BloodSource blood donors for giving her the best gift ever – keeping her family intact and complete with a healthy and nurturing mom.

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  • Emily Love

    Emily Love fought leukemia as a toddler. BloodSource blood donors have been part of her journey back to good health and allowing her to keep pace with four older siblings.

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  • Forrest Mounts

    Every day is a challenge for Forrest Mounts as he battles a severe immune deficiency that can turn a minor illness into a life-threatening one. Blood donations are essential for his life journey.

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  • James Worsnop

    James Worsnop has been donating blood since his high school days, almost 40 years ago. He has been a BloodSource donor since 2002. James makes this personal commitment because he knows it saves lives.

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  • John Phillips

    John Phillips was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease on his seventeenth birthday. Plasma-based medicine set him on the road to recovery. John spends time at school and in the community encouraging blood donations that help patients like him who are in need.

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  • Quincey Carter

    Eight-year-old Quincey was diagnosed with a rare neurological illness for which the only treatment was plasma-based medicine. Quincey would have a total of five episodes requiring a five-day hospitalization with plasma-based medicine needed each time to get her back to health.

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  • Cameron Knobloch

    Cameron Knobloch was diagnosed with a rare disease when she was just nine months old. Juvenile xanthrogranuloma (JXG) is often a benign condition for others but threatened Cameron’s life. Cameron needed 15 rounds of arduous chemotherapy and scores of blood transfusions to get her back to health.

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  • Parker Verducci

    Parker Verducci was ten years old when he experienced life-threatening complications of atypical Kawasaki disease. Now in high school, the healthy and athletic young man is grateful for blood donors and inspires his mom, Dana, to donate whatever blood component is needed.

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  • Rosalie Baker

    Like many blood recipients, Rosalie Baker didn’t think about blood donation until after the need showed up front and center in her life. Nine pints of blood following heart surgery got Rosalie back to health and although she is unable to give blood, her children donate on her behalf. Ever grateful, she can be found volunteering at BloodSource Placerville and other community organizations.

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  • Natasha Deegan

    Natasha Deegan received blood during her liver transplant experience. Diagnosed with Hepatitis A, likely contracted through food poisoning, Natasha was one of the rare few who experienced acute liver failure. Thanks to a generous organ donor and many blood donors, Natasha is healthy today.


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  • Steven Lee

    Steven Lee was a senior in high school when diagnosed with leukemia. “Ironman” has fought his way through intense chemotherapy, radiation treatments and two marrow transplants. Generous blood donors helped Steven survive and he now looks forward to a healthy future. His goal is to help others in whatever ways he can. Yes, you do save lives.

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  • Caden Scheib

    Because of you, Caden is healthy and well today after receiving blood during heart surgery. He’s an active, playful boy and his family is thankful each day for the gift of BloodSource blood donors.

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  • Darnay McMillan

    Darnay McMillan counts on blood donors. She receives a monthly blood transfusion to help manage her sickle cell disease. Because sickle cell is a chronic condition, Darnay will likely receive blood transfusions throughout her life. She and her family thank blood donors whenever they can.

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  • Amanda Panton

    Amanda Panton had been a blood donor since was 16 years old. “When you donate blood, you just feel good knowing you help people. Of course, I never expected to need it! After my daughter was born, I had complications and needed six units of blood. I am very grateful blood was available when I needed it.”

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