Alyssa Whittier

Alyssa Whittier needed six pints of blood following the birth of her son, Everett.

Celebrating Mother’s Day every day

Alyssa Whittier had a textbook delivery with her first child, Scarlet, but the birth of her second, a son, was anything but typical. Alyssa, petite and just five feet tall, shares that an ultrasound a few weeks before her due date revealed a very large baby. So large, in fact, that her doctor decided to induce delivery early. After an extended labor and slowing of the baby’s heart, the medical team realized this baby would not be delivered in the usual way. Still expecting a relatively normal delivery, even with a large baby, Alyssa was surprised to be rushed into emergency surgery.

After welcoming healthy 10 pound, 7 ounce Everett to the world on March 18 with a head circumference of 15 inches, Alyssa's body went into shock. Her husband was very fearful as he saw the heart monitor continue to alarm and his wife slipping away, growing paler by the second. Uncontrollable bleeding quickly drove the team back into the operating room to staunch the bleeding. Four units of red blood cells and two units of plasma were needed to save Alyssa’s life. That amount of blood was likely more than half the blood in her body.

Although the calendar noted Mother’s Day as two months later, according to Alyssa, “Every day I’m alive is Mother's Day!”.

Alyssa celebrates being a mom to one-year-old Everett and Scarlet every day. Alyssa declares, “I want to thank all blood donors. Because you gave, my life was saved. More importantly, my family’s life was saved – all of us being together is such a gift. Every time you sit in that chair, you are saving someone else's daughter or son. Please know how grateful we all are for your blood that allows me to be a wife and mom to both my daughter and son. Thank you!”

Yes, you do save lives.



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