Amanda Panton

Amanda Panton is grateful for blood donors who helped her back to health after Violet’s birth. Amanda received six units of blood.

Grateful mom

Amanda Panton grew up knowing blood donation was important. At 16 years old, she started giving blood and never looked back. “It makes you feel good knowing you are helping others,” she shares. “I just never thought I would be the one to need blood!”

Two weeks overdue with her first child, Amanda anxiously awaited her arrival. “At my last appt, the doctor thought the baby was between seven and eight pounds. That would have been nice. When labor was finally induced, the doctors told me she would be about nine and a half pounds! It was definitely a ‘laborious’ birth and certainly not what I expected.” 

Right before Violet’s grand entrance into the world, Amanda felt something was wrong but with a first baby and such a big one in a slim woman, it was hard to know. She was in labor, after all, but she was right. After delivery, doctors found a hematoma – a large blood-filled swelling – that needed to be drained but like Violet’s birth, it wasn’t a very straightforward process; within 36 hours of Violet’s birth, Amanda had three surgeries with four red blood cell and two plasma transfusions

“Nobody ever expects to need blood but it was there and it saved my life. Donors might think their donations aren’t a big deal but to me, and patients like me, it means a lot. I’d like to thank BloodSource blood donors for allowing me to be a mom to Violet.”  Violet is growing up fast and Amanda is right there, by her side, to greet each milestone.

Amanda’s mom, Debbie Milios, remembers the day of Violet’s birth as being one of the most eagerly anticipated days ever – a first grandchild – and one of the most difficult when Amanda was in crisis. “When Violet calls me Grandma or tells me she loves me…well, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me!”

Debbie wants blood donors to know how stories like Amanda’s could turn out differently; indeed they do around the world where blood and medical care may not be readily available. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my daughter and making sure my granddaughter has a mother.”

Yes, you do save lives.


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