Caden Scheib

Caden Scheib's family thanks BloodSource blood donors for their gifts of life helping him through heart surgery

Active, healthy and well

Caden was welcomed joyfully into the Scheib family. He joined his older brother, Nathan, and everything seemed fine until a slight heart murmur was detected.  Additional tests revealed a narrowing of the artery that leads to the lower chamber of the heart and two holes in his heart.

“It was a heart-stopping moment,” says his mom, Kendra Kelly-Scheib, “when we learned our baby had a heart condition.” 

A series of visits to a cardiologist calmed Kendra and her husband, Joe, when they learned Caden’s condition might resolve – the holes could close up and the narrowing could straighten out as he grew - and though serious, wasn’t immediately life-threatening. Caden would be monitored frequently and they would all hope for the best.

But at one point, Caden’s blood pressure started to rise and that concerned the cardiologist. “It was about then we knew we were heading to surgery sooner rather than later,” remarks Kendra. Initially, the surgery was described as less invasive but as more tests were completed, it was clear a more complex and open-heart surgery would be needed to correct the congenital abnormalities in Caden’s heart.

As Kendra and Joe prepared for Caden’s surgery, the surgeon talked to them about the possibility of blood transfusions. “Even though I work at BloodSource and know that most people will have a family member who needs blood,” shares Kendra, “ it never occurred to me that it would be my four-month old son!”

“Handing over my son to a nurse and feeling so helpless…well, it was one of the scariest moments in my life,” says Joe. As the surgery began, he slowly walked back to the car with Caden’s empty car seat, wondering if he would ever be in it again. “It was a tough day.”

Caden’s surgery lasted five hours and he received three units of red blood cells and one unit of platelets. “I have Type O negative, CMV negative blood,” says Kendra, “that is used for babies yet I couldn’t just put out my arm and give it to my own baby! When Caden needed blood, it had to be right there for him. There was nothing I could do in that moment. I’d like to thank BloodSource blood donors because I know, yes, I really know your blood donations save lives.”

Caden celebrated his first birthday, healthy and strong. He loves to roughhouse with his older brother, Nathan and enjoys trains and playing on his parents’ iPad. Blood donors not only helped Caden through surgery, they kept a growing family…growing!

Yes, you do save lives.



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