Darnay McMillan

Darnay McMillan receives monthly blood transfusions for sickle cell disease. She loves to have fun with her twin, Darren, and thanks blood donors whenever she can.

Smiling and thankful

Maya McMillan’s daughter, Darnay, was born with sickle cell disease (SCD) but her twin, Darren, was not. At six years old, Darnay received her first blood transfusion and will likely receive blood transfusions for the rest of her life.

“We take one day at a time,” relays Maya. “Darnay is a happy kid when she feels well and likes to play outside with her friends, including her brother, Darren.”

Maya elaborates on Darnay’s health, noting her daughter can sometimes be in great pain with the effects of SCD, including chest pain and difficulty breathing. Darnay has spent a lot of time at the hospital. Despite that serious topic, Maya smiles as she talks about her daughter. When Darnay is well, she likes to be outside and is a very happy kid. Having blood available is part of keeping Darnay healthy.

“Blood transfusions are a miracle for my family,” says Maya. “We depend on BloodSource for Darnay’s monthly transfusions. Without blood donors and BloodSource, we might not have that. Thank you for keeping my family together.”

Darnay runs over to join the interview. She is out of breath but exclaims, “I feel really tired before my blood transfusion but then after, I feel really strong and proud!” Darnay likes school, especially math class, and doesn’t like to miss it for doctors’ appointments. She accepts stoically that sometimes it is necessary. “I want to thank blood donors for donating and want them to keep doing it. It helps me and it’s really good for other people like me.”

Darnay can’t stop laughing as Darren makes a goofy face during the interview. They speed off to explore and play while adults talk. Darnay is the picture of health today and BloodSource blood donors are part of her story.

Together, we do save lives.



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