Emily Love

Emily used red cells, platelets, plasma and plasma-based medicine to help her through leukemia.

Emily’s back to being a dynamo

Emily Love, the youngest of five children, has always kept up with her older siblings. “Emily’s trademark has always been high energy. One of our family jokes was that we really needed to hire two babysitters: one for the first four and another for Emily alone,” laughs her mom, Christina.

But at 18 months old, Emily did not seem herself. The little dynamo had stopped walking and needed to be carried at times.  While the pediatrician seemed unconcerned and symptoms were inconsistent day to day, Christina’s motherly intuition blossomed into full-blown conviction that something was definitely wrong. As the days moved forward, Christina couldn’t reconcile her intuition with the physician’s lack of action so headed to the emergency room with Emily.

Emily, pale but otherwise comfortable, played in the emergency room as Christina spent an anxious hour waiting for blood test results, second-guessing herself, saying, "Emily is fine. Just look at her playing. I don't even know why I'm here."

Families remember the next moments. The door closing. A chair brought near. Soft voices. The serious demeanor. The doctor explained Emily’s abnormal blood counts but none of it made sense to Christina. Hemoglobin? Platelets? White Blood Cells?Christina drew even farther into a foreign land when the doctor gently asked, "Do you know what leukemia is?"

Admitted directly into intensive care, Emily immediately received red cells and platelets. In the first year, Emily received about 35 blood transfusions before Christina lost count. "When Emily received blood, I noticed the difference almost right away. Color returned to her face and lips; she perked up becoming happy, energetic, and ready for fun.

"I want people to know about the life-giving nature of blood. For those like Emily who are ill, tired, or short of breath, it's amazing what a little bit of blood can do."

Emily had two life-threatening cases of sepsis infections following her two-year treatment for leukemia and the medical team recommended plasma-based medicine (IVIG) to boost her immune system responsiveness which is showing great results.

Healthy four-year-old Emily infuses the world today with spunk and sparkling energy. Emily has no trouble keeping up with her older siblings now! The Love family wants blood donors to know how much their donations are needed and appreciated. Thanks to good medical care and blood donors, Emily has been given the gift of a healthy future.

Together, we do save lives.



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