James Worsnop

James Worsnop never takes good health for granted nor a safe and plentiful blood supply.

Blood recipient and blood donor

James Worsnop has been donating blood since his high school days, almost 40 years ago. He has been a Blood Source donor since 2002. James makes this personal commitment because he knows it saves lives.

In 2011 out of the blue, his need for blood became very personal.  He was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. After a very lengthy, complicated and delicate surgery lasting  over 12 hours, he later learned that he had lost  a tremendous amount of blood and required almost 100 pints of donated blood over the duration of his operation!

“In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would ever be the one in need of blood,” stated James.

Now healthy and fully recovered, James shares that he feels as if he has received a second chance at life. Back at work as a commercial real estate broker, he realizes he could have easily died prior to the diagnosis of the brain tumor and very certainly during the surgery, when massive blood loss occurred.

Spending so many weeks in the hospital was hard on James and his family. “I am grateful for the fantastic care I received at UC Davis Medical Center and for the wonderful healthcare team who cared for me, along with my beautiful and supportive wife.” James is also thankful for the 100+ blood donors who helped save his life.

“You just never know,” stated James “When you or someone in your family will ultimately be the one in need.”

James likes to help people and regularly volunteers for various organizations and causes including the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in El Dorado County.

Sharing his story is a way to help inspire others to take the time to donate blood. James hopes it will encourage others to give the “Gift of Life”.

Yes, you do save lives.



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